Plastic Changer

For Kids

Mobilise the youngest to engage in the plastic agenda

Many kids are already aware of the environmental consequences of plastic pollution, but it is also important to learn about how one can engage in helping reduce the amount of pollution and make a difference. Different kinds of creative activities are great ways to also initiate conversations about the kids’ and their families’ own plastic consumption, and what measures they could take to reduce it.

Plastic clean up and trash art

Collecting plastic trash from your local beach, river, or forest, or from your own household, is an activity that gets you thinking. The ways in which we use plastic, and the amount of it we use, becomes a lot more comprehensible through an activity like this. Combine it with hosting a small workshop where the kids can create trash art from their collected plastic waste, and you will have fun activity that also allows for interesting conversations with the kids about their own plastic consumptions, and how they might reduce it.


Holbæk Lilleskole – plastic-themed week

In 2018, Holbæk Lilleskole carried out a whole school week focusing on plastic and the issues raised by the production and consumption of plastics. As well, the student also carried out a fundraiser, donating the collected funds to Plastic Change. Throughout the week, the students learned more about the characteristics and scope of plastic pollution, giving them the opportunity to work with some of the issues that we in Plastic Change also work with on a daily basis.

You can download the “recipe” for such a plastic themed school week, right here!


Here you will find guides and other resources, which can help you get started with planning activities for kids.