Plastic Changers

An action-driven movement

What used to be our Plastic Change Agent programme, has now become the Plastic Changer movement. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. It all begins with you and the changes you can make in your everyday life, and how you are able to and wish to contribute to the plastic agenda. Thus, there are no requirements for becoming a Plastic Changer, other than the will to engage yourself. You are automatically part of the Plastic Changer movement as soon as you begin adopting behavioural changes in your daily life, use your knowledge and skills to support the cause, organise or support an activity in your local community.

It is all about citizen driven and self-organised activities, and adopting the understanding that you can help make a difference right where you are, whatever that may be in your home, your municipality, your local scouts club, school, workplace, etc. Your contribution can be anything from collecting discarded plastic waste from the environment while walking your dog, organise a local cleanup event, take pictures and videos, engaging your local politicians – and everything in between, which helps raise awareness of the issues surrounding plastic pollution. In short, you can engage yourself at many different levels, in whatever way fits you, your needs, and ambitions the best.

We have created this Plastic Changer universe, aiming to inspire you all to take action, through informing you of different ways to engage as a Plastic Changer, as well as providing you with knowledge, tools, and materials that can help you get started. But in reality, only your imagination sets the boundaries.

So now it is simply a matter of getting started in whatever way fits you the best, and get active in the fight for an environment free of plastic pollution. It is important for us to emphasise, that you are not required to sign up with us in any way, to become part of this movement. We would very much like to hear about what you get up to as a Plastic Changer, so we can help spread your story and hopefully inspire others to also get engaged. So send us an email, Facebook message, or use #plasticchanger in your social media posts related to your activity or engagement.