Project Plastic-free Ocean

How do we educate ourselves about plastic in Denmark, how do we avoid it getting into the ocean, and how do we get people involved in the fight against plastic pollution?

These are the questions we wanted answers to when Plastic Change, in collaboration with The Ecological Council and the plastic industry, initiated the project Plastic-free Ocean from 2015-2018, with a grant from the Villum Fund and Velux Fund for a total of 8.9 million kroner. 

The money was used to complete four different projects, Plastic-free Roskilde Fjord, Beat the Microbead, The Bench and the Trashcan and Plastic Bullseye. Through the projects we succeeded at involving people, gaining systematic knowledge about plastic in the water environment, in our mussels and fish. We mapped sources of pollution, we tested new methods of recycling plastic from the ocean, we put a spotlight on microplastic used in skincare, and we got the Danish population to go out and take pictures, with or without plastic.

The attached video shows the results of the four projects: 

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