"Plastic defines our culture. We can’t let it define our future"

Plastic Change was founded in April 2014 by marine biologist Henrik Beha Pedersen. The organization was founded in co-operation with a number of volunteers.


The background for Plastic Change is that we are living in a plastic crisis. Overshadowed to some extent by the massive climate changes which have rightly claimed the world's attention, our plastic problems have grown and grown and have now reached a point where it may seem to be an insurmountable challenge. We have experienced a plastic boom and now it is the morning after. Most of the plastic that has leaked into nature since we started using the material is still out there. As useful as the material is due to its strength and durability, it is also problematic when it ends up in nature. Today, a great number of the planet's ecosystems suffer from plastification. We see plastic in ice cores that have been drilled, at the deepest points of the oceans, in most marine birds, fish, shellfish and plankton and even in honey, wine and beer. The plastic comes back to us human beings in our food. A boomerang of our production pattern that demands an answer. Plastic Change is our best shot at providing that answer.