Peter Fly Hansen

Board member, Chairman

Peter is a former head of equities and CEO of Carnegie Investment Bank, where he worked for 12 years, including 7 years at the branch in New York. Before joining Carnegie Bank, he worked 10 years at Novo Nordisk and Novozymes. The last five years Peter has worked as a consultant and is running a Nordic equity portfolio. 

Peter has been Chairman of the Board at Plastic Change since spring 2015. In this role he has been established a governance structure and with the Board developed Strategic Priorities and Guidelines for the organisation. Peter has also been instrumental in developing the Advisory 

Network in close collaboration with founder Henrik Beha Pedersen. 

Peter holds an MBA from the US and a BSc from Aarhus BSS. With his desire to make a difference to the environment and his industry and financial sector experience, Peter makes a significant contribution to the Plastic Change organization.


Anders Kofoed

Board member

Anders is a biologist, specialising in evolutionary ecology, but is perhaps better known in Denmark from the morning television show Godmorgen Danmark (TV2) as their regular expert on marine animal life, and from a great number of other media appearances. Since 2001 he has committed himself to communicating difficult scientific material to a wider audience – adults as well as children. His capabilities, both orally and in writing, have been tested and sharpened in his work for Naturbornholm, the Copenhagen Zoo, Knuthenborg Safari Park and also the National Aquarium Denmark and the 'Blue Planet' (until September 2013). From 2001 – 2008 he spent every summer in Greece helping to save the sea turtles, among other things from threats such as plastic pollution. Now he is a popular lecturer and maker of television programmes on nature and wildlife.

Lone Mikkelsen

Board member

Lone is a biologist from the University of Copenhagen with a PhD in the adverse effects of nanomaterials. For the past 5 years, she has been employed with the Danish Ecological Council, working in the chemico-political field with particular focus on hormone-disruptive substances, chemical cocktail effects and nanomaterials. 
Both Lone and her boyfriend Mikkel were onboard SY Christianshavn on the plastic expedition in September 2014. Among other things, Lone brought her professional knowledge to the expedition and gained an insight into the first baby steps of the expedition. Lone would like to continue contributing to the efforts of Plastic Change and has therefore joined the board.

Lone has a natural interest in making a difference to the environment, and with her educational background and professional experience she is a valuable asset to the Plastic Change organization.

Henrik Beha Pedersen

Founder, board member

Henrik is the founder of Plastic Change. He is an environmental biologist, specialising in cocktail effects of chemicals. For many years, the environment, and especially the toxic effects of chemicals, has been the centre of Henrik’s work. Among other things, as a campaigner and later as the general manager of Greenpeace in Denmark. In this role, he contributed to the exposure of illegal export of electronics to Africa, illegal fishing in the Kattegat and to the implementation of the principle of substitution with harmless chemicals in REACH, the EU chemical regulation. Over the years, Henrik has gained a wide-ranging network within the environmental field, scientific research, the media and among politicians in Denmark and the EU. Henrik is a long-time member of the Danish Ecological Council and serves on the management board for the NGO leadership training programme. Henrik is also captain of the SY Christianshavn.

Tomas Sander Poulsen

Board member

Tomas holds a Master of Technology and Socio-Economic Planning, and is CEO of Provice, a consultancy firm within the field of environmental protection, resource efficiency and project development. Tomas has a large network of companies and environmental public authorities and has a broad experience in regulation, product development, production and environmental conditions. In addition to his commitment to the environment, Tomas has experience with green support groups, including as an evaluator for the EU and Danish environmental programmes. Tomas has experience in strategy development and change management and has an international profile from more than 15 years of involvement in international environmental projects from the North Atlantic to Asia. Tomas has also worked as a generalist with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Dorte Bjerregaard

Board member

Dorte holds a Master of Corporate Communication, and has been working with commercial communication, digital and direct marketing, marketing concepts, public relations, sponsorship and sales for more than 20 years. Her focus has been on generating sales and changing behavior. 

Besides that, Dorte is a passionate long-distance sailor and a concerned world citizen. On her sailing and travels around the world, she has seen too much plastic in places where it should not be. Plastic bags and sneakers deep in the jungles of Vanuatu. White untouched beaches in Indonesia with meter-wide belts of plastic debris instead of seaweed.

Indeed Dorte believes that we have to develop a far more sustainable use of plastic, to protect our beautiful nature - and that is why she has joined the board in Plastic Change.

Helene Bjerre-Nielsen
Board member
Primarily educated as an engineer, but her focus has always been on the environmental agenda: pollution abatement, greener technology and circular economy. Former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and stationed at the Danish Embassy in Vietnam. In 2010-2017 Helene was responsible for the Environment Programme at VILLUM FOUNDATION & VELUX FOUNDATION and also a co-creator of The Danish Nature Fund. Now Helene works as an independent project developer with her company SYTTEN and as a board member of the Dansk Økojord A/S, a daughter company of Danish Ecological Agricultural Fund. Helene wants to contribute to Plastic Change with her versatile work experience and large network in strengthening the organisation, and ensure that the many powerful resources are transformed into concrete results that truly benefits the oceans.

Tania Ellis
Board member
Tania holds an Executive MBA, has many years of experience in the private business sector and has the past 15 years worked with connecting businesses, sustainability and innovation through her own company, The Social Business Company. She has inspired and helped a large number of prominent Scandinavian businesses and brands in developing and incorporate new solutions. "As a businesswoman, a committed citizen and a mother are all the negative unsustainable effects caused by plastic consumption a big concern of mine. It would be an honor and a privilege to contribute to Plastic Change with my expertise, large network and personal engagement in this important matter that Plastic Change is fighting for."