World Clean UP Day 2018

How often do you say that in just one day, you took part in changing the world?


By participating in the world’s biggest positive civic action against plastic pollution, you get to say exactly that phrase. You will play an invaluable role in a great initiative that is set out to change the course of direction concerning the global and increasing plastic problem. With 8 million tons of plastic trash ending up in the world’s oceans each year, change is immediately needed.


On September 15, 2018, Plastic Change invites everybody to participate in a global cleanup day as part of the worldwide initiative Let’s Do It World.


Plastic Change will function as the Danish anchor, and we encourage everybody to help us clean up along the Danish coastline, ocean, lakes and rivers.

It will be a joyous day for everyone!

Over 113 countries have already signed up to participate in this great event. The overall goal is to gather 5 percent of the world’s population spread out between 150 countries. In Denmark, the goal is to bring together at least 5 percent of the Danish population for this civic cleanup celebration. Plastic Change takes the lead, and welcomes everyone who wants to join. Our ambition is not only to clean up, but also to mobilize and motivate the entire Danish population in unity to call for action against the increasing plastic pollution. The UN environmental programme UNEP is already supporting the initiative, but if we want to reach our ambitions, we have to also gather large and small companies, government agencies, interest groups and the industry. Everybody is invited!

YOU make a difference!

For every plastic bag that is cleaned up, roughly 20 grams of plastic is removed from our precious nature. It may not sound like a lot, but if 5 percent of the Danish population removes just one plastic bag alone, we will already then have 5.7 ton of plastic trash removed from nature. For this reason, we very much appreciate everyone who wants to help clean up that particular day - every single individual will make a massive difference in the fight against plastic pollution.

The plastic trash that remains in nature might prove to hold serious consequences for us humans as well as our beautiful nature and wildlife. Plastic is already infiltrated in our tap water and in various elements of our food chain - such as honey, beer, fish and other seafood. When plastics such as fishing nets, robe and other trash floats around in our oceans, many sea mammals, fish and birds are at high risk at getting tangled in, get cuts and bruises from it or even swallow bits of tiny plastic believing it is food. Worst case, these animals die from having plastics surrounding them in their natural habitat. We need to do something about plastic pollution - now - in order to stop this horrible development before it expands any further.

Not only will YOU become an important team player on this national and global cleanup day, you will also help raise awareness of the plastic problem, and thus get the industry, politicians and the world community to take part and responsibility.


We will - and we can - change the world!

What can you do today?

Save the date September 15, 2018 - and encourage friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to do the same. Keep posted on our web page or Facebook, as we will make sure to update you with further information and practicalities.