Set sails against plastic pollution

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The Danish “Expedition Plastic” in the Northern Pacific Ocean – has been through the world's biggest plastic soup.

Danish Crown-prince Frederik and Crown-princess Mary's Fund has supported Expedition Plastic by 200.000 DKR.


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We still need funding for  presentating the results of our expedition through exhibitions and teaching materials.

The ship must sail. It is our heart

Expedition Plastic documents and helps us communicate the story of the problems with plastic, enabling us to act by creating new solutions in collaboration with partners, researchers, companies, developers etc.


Since 2015 Plastic Change has researched and documented the problems with plastic pollution in the seas all the way from Scandinavian waters, throughout the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic Ocean to the North Atlantic plastic soup near Bermuda, through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific Ocean.

In November 2016 the expedition proceeded from Los Angeles to the large plastic soup in the Northern Pacific near Hawaii.
In December 2017 Expedition Plastic will continue from Hawaii to French Polynesia.


A global data base

On a daily basis during the expedition researchers take out samples of sea water in the surface and deeper with a specially built trawl, filters and pumps. The samples are analysed for content of plastic, at first by a preliminary sorting on board the ship and later in a laboratory. The purpose of the research on board is to contribute to knowledge about the quantity as well as the effect of micro-plastic in the marine environment.

All data from the expedition go into a global data base managed by the 5Gyres Institute, USA.


2050: More plastic than fish

The starting point of the expedition is new research showing, that 10 million tonnes of plastic annually end up in our oceans. Within the next ten years the total quantity of plastic in the oceans will double. The floating plastic soups occupy an area the size of Africa and by 2025 there will be 1 ton of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish. The extrapolation predicts there will be more plastic than fish by 2050.

Plastic Change´s vision is that we must live sustainably with plastic for the sake of future generations.


In the video you can see how we perform open sea research.