Become a sponsor and support arguably the most important cause of our time – reversing the trend of increasing plastic pollution

Every year 10 million ton of plastic ends up in the ocean and it is anticipated that within the next 10 years the amount of plastic waste in our oceans will be doubled. The existing plastic gyres are already now the size of the African continent - it is said that in 2025 there will be 1 ton of plastic for every 3 tons of fish. 


By supporting Plastic Change you will contribute to our many activities and projects, hence your support means a lot to us and how far we can come. We want to build strong relationships with all of our sponsors. It is very important for us to build long-term relationships which allows us to plan further ahead. We would be happy to discuss how we may add value to your business.


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Louise Lerche-Gredal

Fundraising and strategic partnerships

M: +45 50778427


Hans Henrik Heming

Corporate funding

M: +45 53642300


Support us in different ways

As a strategic partner
A strategic partnership with Plastic Change is mostly a long-term collaboration, involving professional consulting, marketing activities and, in some, product and business development. The cooperation is developed jointly and in close dialogue with our partners. In this way, we ensure that the cooperation meets both parties' goals, interests and needs.


As a strategic partner, the company will be able to show the outside world that the company takes responsibility to reduce plastic pollution, thus benefiting the company's image and credibility.

Successful examples are our close partnership with Goodwings and Naturli' Foods A/S

As a sponsor

As a sponsor your company till support our daily work through financial funding. Your contribution will finance our work with documenting and communicating of the extent and consequences of plastic waste in our ecosystems. Furthermore, a sponsor contributes in the important work on putting these important issues on plastic waste on the political agenda and promote the development of new sustainable solutions. 


Plastic Change offers all sponsors a sponsorship-kit, where the company exposes together with Plastic Change.


As a project partner

As a project partner your company is able to support specific projects, events, or programme in Plastic Change. Apart from financial support, your company will, in some cases, have the opportunity to actively participate in the projects by delivering resources such as premises, counseling, marketing, staffing, etc.