Become a beach cleaner and take an active part in your local community

Ice paper, six pack rings, plastic lining from beer cans, water bottle caps. Everywhere along streams, at lakes and on our beaches there are large amounts of plastic waste which is harmful to people and wildlife. Some of the plastic waste ends up in the sea to contribute to the increasing abundance of marine plastic waste.

Plastic Change works with other organisations to raise national awareness of the problem and engage citizens in the effort to clean up and remove plastic from nature. For example, we are currently planning a major informational campaign focusing on plastic pollution along the coasts of Denmark.


If you would like to make an active contribution, you can sign up as a volunteer beach cleaner with Josephine Moe Christoffersen at

She will explain the opportunities available in your area and what you can do to clean the beaches there. The goal is to roll out the beach cleaning effort to a nationwide campaign in cooperation with municipalities and other players. At this point, we have cleaned the beaches at Hellerup, Bellevue, Roskilde Fjord and Hvide Sande. In the spring, we will organise additional beach cleaning events along the western coast of Jutland.


Next beach cleaning event

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