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Every year we produce more and more plastic. A large part of this is single-use plastic. After use (sometimes only for a few minutes or even seconds) it becomes waste and is burned at incineration plants, ends up as landfill, or worst-case scenario it ends up in nature, where it becomes plastic pollution. It is estimated that every single minute a truck load full of plastic enters our oceans. Plastic has in a relatively short time spread all over, and today scientist have found pollution in our marine environment, throughout the food chain, very isolated and remote land areas, and even in the air we breathe.

The How?

In Plastic Change we work on solutions to prevent this issue. We believe that everyone has to bring something to the table – meaning, that we all have a mutual responsibility to solve this great issue. Therefore, we work with national and international politics, we help companies to reduce their plastic footprint, and we engage and mobilize civil society in how they can make a change in their everyday life.

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Ved at underskrive giver jeg Plastic Change tilladelse til at videregive min underskrift til dem, der har myndighed på dette område.