“It’s just one straw…”

– said 7.3 billion people

Bringing your own bag to the supermarket may not do much to reduce plastic in the oceans, but it is an easy act that engages people and keep them involved in a plastic changing movement that is growing and gaining impact.

The Reduce Plastic Use campaign is as much as a call to action as it is a campaign. Ocean plastic pollution is a result of overproduction and overconsumption of low grade, convenience plastics. We have developed a throwaway society and a culture of disposability that is senseless, unhealthy, and essentially destroying our oceans. Hence, the scale of the issue requires changes at a system transformative and cultural level.

But you and I can change this!

The changes necessary to subvert plastic pollution are so large that they are “beyond the reach of individual action.” One individual’s actions, like voting, protesting or boycotting won’t solve big problems. But an individual’s consumption decisions can influence those of others, and collectively individuals can lay the groundwork for social movements that will enable major policy and corporate shifts and help push for the systemic changes that the world needs.

We are in, and we promise you – if you follow us, we will support you!

So take action today. Reduce your plastic use and support the plastic changing movement .

Support Plastic Change

Three generations of plastic consumption have left traces in our environment. Only approximately 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled. A large part has ended up in nature for hundred of years. Support Plastic Change in our work towards less plastic pollution.

7 ways to reduce
plastic use

Bottle it up

Over 1 million plastic bottles are purchased
every minute. That’s 1 million good reasons to
bring your own reusable bottle if you ask us.
(Which you totally didn’t, but still.)

Bring a bag

Most plastic bags are only used for a few
minutes. Still, they take more than 500 years
to degrade. We’re no mathematicians, but that
just doesn’t add up. Bring your own reusable
cloth bag next time you go grocery shopping,
and let’s even the score a bit.

Plastic straw sucks

36.4 billion drinking straws are consumed
annually in Europe. Can you imagine how
many straws that would account for globally?
So if you absolutely, positively need to use a
straw, get your lips on a reusable one. And
when you order a drink, let them know you
brought your own ‘slurp thingy’.

Cut out single use cutlery

Alright, we’ll cut right to the chase: single-use
cutlery, plates, and cups are bad. Like, REAL
bad. And you probably have cutlery at home,
don’t you? All you need to do is bring it with
you. Easy peasy, right?

Give up gum

Did you know most chewing gum contains
plastic? Luckily, you don’t have to give up gum
entirely. You can still buy 100% plastic free
gum if you like. Chew on it, will you?

Carry a mug

Plastic coffee lids are not good, but did you
know that to-go cups are made of plastic as
well? Yep, 16 billion single-use cups end up as
plastic trash in the EU each year. So again,
bring your own reusable mug.

Put butts in the bin

Guess what: cigarette butts are the single most
collected item on the world’s beaches. So put
them in the bin where they belong.

Imagine you enter a room. It’s wet all over the floor and you
realize you forgot to turn off the tap. Now, do you start cleaning
up the mess, or do you close the tap? The same goes with plastic ending up in nature

Henrik Beha
Environmental biologist & founder of Plastic Change