The naked truth about paradise lost

The issue is plastic and it should concern us all as it affects everyone.

The Plastic Issue i a global campaign to bring awareness and action to counter the detrimental impact of plastic in out oceans and ecosystems, local communities, fisheries, and tourism, as well as our very own health. In the past 15 years, human have filled the world with more plastic than in the previous half-century.

As the world has become addicted to single-use plastic, production and consumption of these materials accelerates every minute. We must now quit this addiction for the sake of planetary survival and our own health.

About The Plastic Issue

The Plastic Issue cover was shot on a beach in Hawaii, just as we found the location. This beautiful and pristine beach is now suffering the consequences of our unhealthy daily addiction to plastic. We have become numb to the amount of plastic that we, as consumers, interact with daily. We are saturating our world with plastic, convinced as consumers that it is necessary, safe, and healthy, when it is not. We must move beyond simply asking if all this single-use plastic is really necessary; rather, we must ask “who benefits from all of this plastic production and use?” and “how do we turn the tide on plastic pollution by both producing and using less plastic?”

This is the naked truth about what plastic is doing to the world today, not in near or distant future, but now.

Take the pledge

You can take action today and join the global plastic change movement by taking the pledge to reduce your plastic use. Together we make a difference.

Support our organization by holding both businesses and politicians accountable for plastic-reducing legislation, and any systemic solutions that will transform our consumption pattern.

Support Plastic Change

Three generations consumption of plastic has left its mark. Only 9% of all plastic produced is recycled. A lot ends up in nature and stays for hundreds of years. Support our work towards a plastic change!