How would we react if people suffered the same way as our marine environment?

Tragic images of animals trapped in plastic have become a global symbol of the issues concerning plastic pollution. Would our consumption of polluting single-use plastic change if it was a threat to humans too? In fact, it is.

A romantic day at the beach turns into a dystopian reality when people get caught in and disfigured by trash, fishing nets, and plastic from the ocean. By reinterpreting the tragic images of animals caught in man-made trash, ‘Plastic People’ is a reminder that human beings are a part of the same nature that we pollute. A call to change our culture of convenience concerning single-use plastics and other materials.

Plastic is not only a serious threat to our ocean and the environment but also to human health, as some of the chemicals added to plastics are harmful. Studies show that we eat, drink, and breathe plastic, and, therefore, small particles enter our bodies.

To address the challenges of plastic, we must reduce the overall plastic production and design plastic products that can be recycled and reused without hazardous chemistry.

‘Plastic People’ is directed by award winning director Ida Andreasen, who works in the tension field between live-action and animation and creates images about human relationships and societal issues. The film uses absurdity and humor that blur the boundaries between nature and culture and make us reflect on the plastic crisis in a new way – by showing things that can be unsettling and scary.

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