Plastic Changer

Film Screening

Help raise awareness about plastic production and consumption, and its consequences, by screening a good documentary film

Arrange a film screening, showing a documentary film, which focuses on one or more of the different aspects of the plastic crisis. Many good documentaries have been made about plastics, plastic pollution, and their consequences for the environment. Screening such a film can be an excellent way to open up for interesting conversations and discussions about our current relationship to plastics, and how we might move towards a more sustainable one. It is therefore also fun to arrange a small debate or Q&A with some experts on the topic, as a follow up on the film screening.

Here are some recommendations for documentary films:

  • “The Story of Plastic” (will be released in 2019)
  • “Albatross”
  • “A Plastic Ocean”
  • “Bag It”
  • “Straws”

Watch a mini-doc series about the story of plastics. This mini-series is a teaser for the upcoming release of the full length documentary, The Story of Plastic


We have created a guide for you, which makes it more accessible and clear how you might proceed in arranging a film screening at one of your local venues. It includes some practical points worth keeping in mind, and a loose timeline to help you plan your event…