The next big bomb

Is a symbol of a growing disaster

Plastic is dirty bomb that threatens to destroy the world as we know it. It is the biggest war we will have to fight in the coming years, one for the survival of our planet. The plastic crisis is a slow moving, yet fast-paced disaster with a high impact that is happening in plain sight. We can compare the plastic crisis that we are currently in to impact of an atomic bomb. Only we don’t experience the explosive impact when this modern bomb strikes in the blink of an eye and completely turns our lives upside down. This is why we don’t take the threat of plastic as seriously as we ought to. But the consequences are indeed enormous, damaging and world-changing.

Our irresponsible plastic consumption is a disaster that is catching up to us, threatening lives and the planet with the immense impact of a slow-triggered nuclear bomb. While we guzzle down refreshing bottled drinks, sip on to go coffee and smoothies or dig in to delicious takeaway food, we are unaware of the environmental, societal, health and economic costs of it all – that is already happening now and will continue in generations to come.

We have been numbed by our modern day culture of convenience and need to extinguish the burning fuse by changing our habits now. Because for every day we fail to act, the bigger impact the dirty plastic bomb will have on our planet.

We drastically need a Plastic Change.

Help us stop a catastrophe.

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