New global alliance against plastic pollution

“Break Free From Plastic” will change our conception and use of plastic with a vision of a future without plastic pollution.

90 NGOs from all over the world have joined in the alliance BreakFreeFromPlastic with the purpose of changing our conception of plastic and our use of it. Today world-wide they present their vision with the overall objective, a future without plastic pollution.


Scientists state that by 2050 the weight of plastic in the sea will exceed the weight of fish. This trend is a serious threat against marine diversity, the ecosystem and ultimately a human health risk.

Despite this development governments and industries have not yet been able to act and establish the necessary legislation and changes to meet the massive plastic pollution.


“The problem with plastic pollution will explode with consequences to the global population, health and environment. That´s why we must act here and now. There is a need for collaboration with a global mobilization on the issue and an increased and co-ordinated effort. Therefore we have joined the new alliance”, says Henrik Beha Pedersen, founder of the Danish based environmental organization Plastic Change.


He emphasizes that European governments and multinational companies must take their responsibility for the irresponsible production and use of plastic and the resulting harmful environmental effects. Without a specific and co-ordinated European political action industry will continue its inappropriate production and use of plastic, thus intensifying pollution.


It is the first time ever, that organizations world-wide join to solve the problems with plastic pollution.

“It is the beginning of a movement spurring governments, cities and industries to act promptly on this increasing problem”, states Delphine Lévi Alvarès, Zero Waste Europe, European co-ordinator for BreakFreeFromPlastic.


In Europe the development of the circular economy act and the EU strategy on plastic form promising possibilities of limiting pollution and preventing plastic from becoming litter. These actions require plastic being considered as a collectable and recyclable resource. But this can not be practised without political support concerning the full life cycle from the extraction of oil to design and end-of-life processing.


The following NGOs urge the European Commission and member states to aim at ambitious political actions and standards able to lead to changes within plastic production and consumption and in that way securing a future without plastic pollution.


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More information

Henrik Beha Pedersen

founder of Plastic Change


Delphine Lévi Alvarès

Zero Waste Europe

Tel: +32 478 71 26 33

List of European participating signers


European environmental citizen’s organisation for standardisation

Ecologists without borders

Environmental Investigation Agency

European Environmental Bureau

Fauna & Flora International

Friends of the Earth Europe

Health and Environment Alliance

Health Care Without Harm Europe


Let’s do it World

Marine conservation society

Plastic Change

Plastic Soup Foundation

Surfrider Foundation Europe

Seas At Risk

Surfers against sewage

Trash Hero World

Zero Waste Europe

Zero Waste France