Would you like a piece of (plastic) gum?

Would you like a piece of plastic gum?

Chewing gum is a favourite among many people. But did you know that the small white pieces contain plastic? The majority of the chewing gum, you can buy in the supermarket etc. have plastic inside. Few people know this as it isn’t something that the producers speak highly of. Plastic is a part of the ingredient called the “Gum base” that gives the gum it’s “chew”. The gum base is a mix of plastic and different chemicals and it typically makes up for 25-30% of the gum. An example of plastic in chewing gum is “Polyethylene” which is also used for the manufacture of plastic bags and plastic bottles.

A source of plastic in the nature

The fact that there is plastic in chewing gum also makes it a source of plastic in nature. Many people forget that the gum belongs in the garbage bin after use and because of that streets are littered with small round stains of gum. Out of these stains come microplastics that end up in the drains and float out into the ocean. Chewing gum then contributes to the growing plastic pollution.

Plastik og tyggegummi i naturen
If you start looking, you will notice plastic chewing gums everywhere on the streets.

An alternative for the gum-lover  

However there is hope if you aren’t ready to give up your gum. There are alternatives on the market such as True Gum that is a Danish produced gum without plastic. True Gum doesn’t contain plastic or any chemicals. Instead it is made of a natural chicle gum base which comes from the sap of the Sapodilla tree. So True Gum is one way to keep on munching without chewing on plastic.

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