REUSE book launched puts focus on reusable packaging

If we ought to reverse the increasing plastic pollution we need to use less plastic. And we can do this by reusing more.

At the Annual Summit in London, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative introduced its research on reuse models, with the new book REUSE – Rethinking Packaging. By converting 20% of global plastic packaging into reuse models the book offers a USD 10 billion business opportunity. The research highlights six ways that reuse can bring significant benefits to both users and businesses.

Recycling has been highly discussed recently as a key solution towards solving plastic pollution, however, the book provides a framework to understand reuse, identifies six major benefits of reuse, and maps 69 good reuse examples, including brands like Coca Cola and Soda Stream. The future of the food industry, take-away culture and convenience is a greater focus on refill & reuse. In this way, one can minimize the amount of waste produced considerably. There are great benefits to be gained from these recusable models for businesses, citizens, the circular economy and, not least, the marine environment.

We have only just scraped the surface, but with this new book we take a big leap into the circular future and we are so looking forward to presenting you with the book’s recuse models in the upcoming time.

How does reuse look like? Here are four reuse models that the book elaborates through 69 cases: