Plastic Change collaboration with Carlsberg

Plastic Change has entered into a partnership with Carlsberg, ready to contribute with knowledge about plastic, reduction and recycling. At the same time, Carlsberg replaces the 6-pack plastic holder with a so-called Snap Pack. This is the first part of Carlsberg’s new sustainability program, and will reduce the total global plastic consumption of the brewery by 1200 tons a year.

The Snap Pack from Carlsberg

The new holder consists of a hank and some glue pads that hold the cans together. “We have launched a strategic partnership with Carlsberg because we see some exciting opportunities to jointly develop new solutions in packaging that can help reduce the increasing plastic pollution. We see Snap Pack as a very good example of a solution that leads to a significant reduction in plastic packaging, “says founder of Plastic Change, Henrik Beha Pedersen. 

He hopes that with the partnership we can contribute to even more and even more ambitious initiatives to reduce plastic waste at Carlsberg in the coming years. Among other things, we must ensure that Snap Pack’s glue pads do not end up in nature –  then we have just created a new problem.