Understanding the plastic crisis in numbers and figures: ‘Plastic Atlas’ is now launced in an English edition

45 detailed infographics in more than 19 chapters are mapping out different aspects of the pollution crisis, both in terms of plastic production, consumption and disposal.

Today, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the international Break Free From Plastic movement have published the international English edition of the Plastic Atlas. The Plastic Atlas contains more than 45 detailed infographics covering a broad range of topics regarding the plastic pollution crisis looking along the entire value chain of plastic. The atlas highlights the scale of the crisis, and the global impacts of plastic production, consumption and disposal on other key global challenges such as human health and climate change. It also outlines the role of plastic for key industrial sectors such as agriculture and tourism and describes the corporate interests and drivers behind the plastic crisis. Finally, the Plastic Atlas presents an overview of key plastic-free regulations, zero waste solutions and a snapshot of the growing global movement working towards a future free from plastic pollution.

Plastic Atlas highlights the scale of the plastic pollution crisis, and different global impacts of plastic production. It addresses the need to tackle plastic pollution at the source and enact strong policies to do so, says strategic director in Plastic Change, Anne Aittomaki.

Learn more in the Plastic Atlas, and see some of the insigths from the ‘encyclopaedia’ here:

Top types of beach litter at selected locations.
The usage of plastic divided into industrial sectors.
How we are exposed to toxic chemicals and microplastics at all stages in the plastics life cycle.
Trash piles of the biggest consumer-goods companies.