Is Trump ready to eat plastic?

Statement from the heart of the Pacific (position 24.20,30N og 127.32,35W)

The Plastic Change “Expedition Plastic” is on its way into the soup of plastic that resides in the very heart of the northern Pacific ocean. Already now we find plastic in our seafood. Plastic Change and the crew wants to share this message to the worlds citizens on the day where USA has chosen Trump as its new leader:

Every day we see and feel the power and beauty of the world biggest ocean, the Pacific. The oceans need protection as we every year litter 10 million tons of plastic to the oceans. Plastic that returns to our plates as an environmental boomerang and deeply affects marine wildlife. 
We urge all people and visionary leaders, among these industry leaders, to resist Trumps plan to minimize the budget for the US EPA and global bodies like the UN and as a part hereof UNEP, the environmental part of UN the United Nations. 
Only by changing our consumption and production patterns towards a fully circular economy, where all resources are used over and over, we’ll be able to live in a sustainable balance with our beautiful nature. Only by acting today can we avoid a growing portion of plastic and the toxics that comes with it on our dinner plates.

We are all in this together – more than ever!

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