Fruits and vegetables without plastic attract customers

People buy more fruits and vegetables when not wrapped in single-use plastic.

This is what New World, a supermarket chain in New Zealand, has found. Since the supermarket has stopped packing fruits and vegetables in plastic, sales of certain vegetables have increased by 300 percent: “When we put the goods on the shelves, our customers became very excited,” says Nigel Bond, owner of one of the New World supermarkets.

Inspiration for Danish supermarkets

“In Plastic Change, we are not surprised that people are more eager to buy fruits and vegetables that are not hidden behind layers of plastic. We hope to see Danish supermarkets follow the development. After all, they could start with fruits and vegetables produced in Denmark”

says Anne Aittomaki, director of systemic change in Plastic Change. She adds that one should reconsider the system and structures we have built around food production, distribution, storage and marketing.

To prevent the goods from drying out, New World has replaced refrigerated fruits and vegetables in plastic packaging with a misting system. A system that, according to Nigel Bond, keeps vegetables and fruits fresher and retains the vitamins better than polluting plastic packaging.

Reusable bags

After the concept was introduced, New World has noticed that the sale of vegetables such as spring onions, swiss chards and radishes have increased by several hundred percent. To avoid plastic waste, most supermarkets in New Zealand have already phased out the thin plastic bags and replaced them with reusable bags for loose fruits and vegetables.