6 Animation Movies to Create a New Narrative on the Plastic Crisis

Who is responsible for the plastic crisis, why does it keep increasing and how do we turn the tide?

Plastic pollution has become one the most pressing environmental problems, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products is devouring the planet – leaving traces all over nature and natural habitats. Single-use plastic is a systemic flaw and it needs to be solved by pulling out the root cause of the problem; the ever-increasing single-use plastic production and place the responsibility on corporations and multinationals. 

The new plastic narrative in this campaign cuts through the haze of tactical, misleading, and one-sided industry narratives on recycling, waste management, cleanups, and consumer responsibility as solutions to the plastic crisis. 

Animations can be a superpower tool

How are 6 short animation movies going to do that? Well, they might not do it directly but the goal is to help shift the public narrative about who’s actually responsible and needs to be held accountable for the plastic crisis. The overall framing of the animations is a new narrative on plastic by conveying messages of; corporate responsibility and accountability to cap plastic production and move away from the single-use culture and towards reusable solutions (if necessary at all). The animations are meant to show biases and communicate a very serious issue in a fun and engaging way.

And animations are superpowers in conveying complex messages because we as humans are visual by nature. Humans respond to and process visual data and imagery better than any other type of information. In fact, the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

The new narrative on plastic declutter the issue by focusing on solutions upstream namely plastic reduction at source; no single-use; reuse at a systemic level as a means to reduce and to solve the global plastic crisis.

The six animation movies are all made by the talented students at The Animation Workshop, a creative University College in Viborg, Denmark.

Watch first animation with Little Jimmy right here: