Get to know our inspiring advisory network

Steen Riisgaard

For more than 20 years, Steen was CEO of Novozymes, a listed Danish company delivering sustainable enzymatic solutions to industrial problems across industries all over the world. Steen currently holds more than 10 board positions, including as chairman of the Danish chapter of WWF.


Margrethe Auken

Margrete is a member of the European Parliament and a former member of the Danish Parliament. Margrete has held several roles in the area of environmental protection in the public service arena and served on the board of directors of Plastic Change in the first year of our existence.


Flemming Besenbacher

Flemming is one of the grand forces behind the Danish transformation into a circular economy, where he has led the government’s committee, with recommendations for implementation. Since 2012 he has been chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation, Carlsberg A/S and Carlsberg Laboratory, as well as UNLEASH, who delivers solutions to the UN’s 17 SDG’s through inspiration and support for young talents.


Mogens Lykketoft

Member of the Danish Parliament for Social Democracy since 1981. Former Chairman of the Danish Parliament  and Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Finance and Taxation. Chairman of the UN General Assembly 2015-16. Expert on international relations including the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Anne-Marie Skov

Anne-Marie is currently chairman – former Executive Director – of the Tuborg Foundation, a charity under the Carlsberg Foundation. Anne-Marie has formerly been Vice President, (Communications and CSR) at Novozymes/Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg Group.


Marcus Eriksen

Marcus is co-founder of the 5 Gyres Institute, a California-based organization focusing on plastic pollution in the oceans. Marcus has written one of the most comprehensive scientific article on marine plastic pollution, partly based on his own expeditions.


Francois Galgani

Francois is Chairman of the Technical Group on marine litter advising the EU Commission regarding the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Francois has a long track record for scientific documentation of marine pollution, also based on his own expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea.


Morten Ugelvig Andersen

Morten is Director/CEO of Venture Cup, a world-leading startup organization for university students with a mission to identify and develop the talents and technology of tomorrow. Morten has extensive experience in competitive concept & business development and project implementation. 


Martin Petersen

Martin is CEO of EcoXpac A/S, a Danish company which develops and manufactures products made of recycled natural fiber, including the 100% biodegradable wood fiber bottle – Green Fiber Bottle – developed in collaboration with Carlsberg. Martin believes in innovation as a crucial aspect in creating a more sustainable future.

Pia Glavind

Pia Glavind is Partner in Accunia Credit Management A/S, Board member in ACM  Forvaltning A/S and holds a Master in Finance (CBS). Pia supports the fundraising and partner profile by utilizing her extensive network in investment forums. Pia has the resources to ensure operational foundation for the organization as well as financial support for projects. Together we are passionate about making a difference to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and natural environments. 


Kristian Syberg

Kristian holds a Master of Science, a PhD, and is lector of Environmental Risk at Roskilde University. Kristian is involved in numerous projects to increase awareness of the negative environmental impacts of microplastic and the prevalence of marine microplastic litter. In addition he analyses regulatory changes in regards to plastic pollution – in DK and in EU.