We all have the right to live in an environment without plastic pollution

Doubling in 10 years

Plastic pollution is threatening the marine ecosystem worldwide. Over the next 10 years, the amount of marine plastic waste will double and if we do not act, in 2050 the oceans might contain more plastic waste than fish by weight. Plastic Change is committed to reversing that trend.


Plastic Change has a vision that human beings are entitled to live in an environment free of plastic pollution. This means that future generations should be able to continue living off marine resources and eat plastic-free fish and shellfish, for instance, and enjoy living in a nature that is not polluted by plastic waste.


Plastic Change's mission is to work with documentation, information, education and solutions that will raise awareness of plastic pollution in the general population, the industry and the political system. We prepare scientific documentation in the form of research data, among other things on our expeditions to the world's oceans. Our ambitions are high, for the challenge is great.