Our partners would like to help us increase the focus on plastic

Plastic Change is based on a wide platform of professional partners. They all share a commitment to raising awareness of plastic pollution. Plastic Change believes that the general public endorsement of the values underlying the desire for a plastic-free nature is our strongest card.


Who would want fish and honey with microplastic, and who would not want birds, marine mammals and fish to live without the danger of ingesting plastic and much less being entangled in plastic? The desire to enjoy a nature that is not marked and marred by plastic is what unites Plastic Change and its partners. Our partnerships are wide and diverse. As far as research is concerned, we have strong partners such as the Roskilde and Aarhus universities, DTU Aqua, the 5 Gyres Institute of the US, Ifremer of France and various others. As far as communication is concerned, we benefit from the backing of the largest aquarium in the Nordic countries, the Blue Planet, film maker Chris Jordan, communication agency fröhlich&me and IT consultancy firm EasyFlow. As far as solutions are concerned, we work with a number of partners, including Sustainia, the Danish Plastics Federation, Think Beyond Plastic, the World Watch Institute and KIMO (the Danish municipalities' international maritime organization).


Together, all of these partnerships increase the chances of Plastic Change succeeding in its mission to reverse the trend of marine plastic pollution.