Become a sponsor and support arguably the most important cause of our time – reversing the trend of increasing plastic pollution

If you would like to become a sponsor or learn more about sponsorships, please contact Henrik Beha Pedersen, founder of Plastic Change


tel: +45 22881615


We want to build strong relationships with all of our sponsors. It is very important for us to build long-term relationships which allow us to plan further ahead. We would be happy to discuss how we may add value to your business.


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Sponsorship agreements

Individual sponsorships are available, for example to sponsor a specific project or expedition.

If your sponsorship exceeds DKR 20.000 a year, you will be awarded the sponsor benefits described in the table to the right. 


Sponsorships are available for minimum periods of 2 years at a time.

About sponsor benefits

Plastic Change web support logo

Your business will be allowed to use the official Plastic Change web support logo. This will provide exposure of your sponsorship to your customers and other stakeholders.


Name on

Sponsors will have their name/logo displayed on


Welcome to new sponsors

DKR 20.000+ sponsors will always receive mention in Plastic Change's electronic newsletter, which is circulated to all members at least once a quarter.


Name in annual report

Your name and logo will be mentioned in our annual report.


Facebook exposure

DKR 20.000+ sponsors will be given exposure on Plastic Change's Facebook page (details as to timing and extent to be agreed).


Exposure package

Apart from the Plastic Change web support logo, the exposure package provides sponsors with an email signature as well as a logo and letterhead for electronic and paper documents. Also, a fact sheet will be provided for internal communication purposes, describing the project that your business is supporting.