A global call for solutions on plastic pollution

“Plastic Change Maker Challenge” is a new innovation challenge launched at the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s World Congress in Hawaii in September 2016 with 10.000 visitors and participants from 160 different countries.

We invite students, innovators, entrepreneurs and companies who are pioneers in their fields to bring forward their innovative ideas or solutions to bend the curve for plastic pollution.


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We invite you to join and become a Plastic Change Maker

Participant groups

  • Students
  • Innovators/Entrepreneurs
  • SME’s


  • Innovative Materials
  • Product Design /Design Flow
  • Alternatives to single-use plastic packaging
  • Collection/reuse/recycle


  • Cash prize
  • Award at a major international event
  • Showcase and visibility
  • Change Booster Incubator

Ideas and solutions

Our ambition is to motivate people to come up with ideas and solutions that address plastic waste ending up in the oceans and to become a core driver of innovation by scouting global markets for the innovations that can inspire, fascinate and excite.

The challenge will be carried out throughout the leading partner’s platforms and network, which have the potential to reach more than 200 million people across the planet.

Become a Plastic Change Maker

We are looking for tomorrow’s game changers and value solutions that are innovative, scalable and feasible. Specifically we look for solutions that can help close the loop on plastics and with systemic-changing potentials. Solutions that can create a future where plastic consumption is rethought, reduced, produced, designed and used within the environmental limits of our planet.

Corporate Partnership

Plastic Change believes in collaboration and partnerships and we offer many ways for you, your company or organization to achieve meaningful results through strategic partnerships.

We will work closely with you to create a custom package aligned with your company’s promotional or CSR goals.


Get exclusive access to innovation and talent by becoming a plastic change maker challenge partner. Contact Head of International Programs Anne Aittomaki aa@plasticchange.org for partnership opportunities.