First Generation Plastic Change Agents

Plastic Change and the Danish Sailing League have teamed up to address ocean plastic pollution and provide the next generation with plastic free oceans. The transformation towards a sustainable future with plastic is realizable by engaging and educating youths in Denmark to become first generation Plastic Change Agents.


By educating youth across the country and inspire to local solution making - the global, national and regional issue of plastic pollution is anchored in local environments, where the making of a new sustainable plastic culture is to be created in order to preserve our natural environments and oceans in the future.

Young people must spread the story of plastic

The partnership with the Danish Sailing League will focus on activating the sailing community in recruiting the first generation of Plastic Change Agents as well as communicating the initiative in their regional networks and environments.

The Plastic Change Agents are young people in the age from 15-22 who is passionate about the environment and the oceans and wants to make a difference. The new agents will go through a customized training that will equip them with ´power and knowledge´ to put the issue of ocean plastic pollution on the agenda in their local environments. We aspire to have the first team of agents going through the training in late autumn 2017.

A meaningful cooperation

Besides the Danish Sailing League a third partner in the project is Goodwings. Goodwings is a company with a new kind of business model based on creating profit for purpose. Instead of Goodwings spending fortunes on commercials and ads, NGO’s assume the task of communicating the benefits of travelling with Goodwings to their employees, members, customers and network in general.

In return the NGO partners get the money saved, by avoiding traditional marketing, to finance their good work and projects.

You can support the Plastic Change Agents project by booking your next hotel through Goodwings.


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