Our ambitions are high, for the challenge is great

Plastic Change is an international organization based in Denmark. We raise awareness about the consequences of the increasing plastic pollution of the oceans and the environment in general. We work with documentation, information, education and solutions to place plastic pollution on the agenda of the general public, the industry and the political system.


The amount of marine plastic waste will double over the next 10 years and if we do not act, the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish by weight in 2050. Plastic Change is committed to reversing that trend.


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Plastic Change consists of a permanent secretariat, which includes a management team, a staff of project managers and consultants as well as a large group of volunteers. All of those involved provide a very dedicated, invaluable and professional volunteer effort to allow the organization to realise its ambitions of breaking the vicious cycle of plastic pollution.



Henrik Beha Pedersen, founder, environmental biologist

Berit Asmussen, director/COO


Project managers

Torsten Geertz-Hansen, project manager and skipper 

Claudia Sick, project manager and biologist

Julie Juanita Larsen, consultant and marine biologist

Anne Aittomaki, Head of Development & Partnerships



Lisbeth Engbo, head of communications

Trine Lycke Borgstrup, social media

Mette Fröhlich, webmaster

Marjun Fuglø, student assistent



Anders Westenholz, consultant

Ole Brauer, consultant

Julie Müller, consultant



Ingrid Tramm, graphic designer

Camilla Bannebjerre, graphic designer

Peter Fröhlich, consultant, graphic designer

Belle Djerberg, graphic designer

Rikke Jensen, consultant, graphic designer



Kåre Gade Pedersen, programmer/adviser

Mads Sülau Valstorp Jørgensen, adviser

Lars Høhne, adviser



Annette Jon Rasmussen

Julie Espelund

Torben Espelund 

Majken Gjevnøe Andersen



Lissi Estrup, officebackup

Linda Otto, officebackup

Merete Hunsballe, officebackup